MakePython ESP32 Dev Kit

MakePython ESP32 Dev Kit

Based on those MakePython solutions, Makerfabs can also help to customize those boards with customer’s special requests. Contact for detailed info and further discussion. More detail you can read our PCB Design and PCBA Turnkey Solution.
This MakePython ESP32 Dev kit is a proper develop kit for ESP32 MicroPython programming. Besides the MakePython ESP32 board, this kit includes the basic electronic components & modules for the learners to begin the programming. With the 12 experiments in the guide, the readers will be able to make simple electronic projects with MicroPython on ESP32, and the basic knowledge& setting up of IoT projects.
Below are some experiments we did:
1. Ultrasonic Ranging:


2. Temperature Monitor DS18B20:


3. Displays Temperature and Humidity in any Browser:


4. DIY Circuit on Breadboard:


5. Servo Motor


6. Analog Digital Converter:





Package List:
● 1 x MakePython ESP32
● 1 x Ultrasonic ranging module
● 1 x Temperature and humidity sensor
● 1 x Buzzer module
● 1 x DS18B20 module
● 1 x Infrared module
● 1 x Potentiometer
● 1 x WS2812 module
● 1 x Sound sensor
● 1 x Vibration sensor
● 1 x Photosensitive resistance module
● 1 x Pulse sensor
● 1 x USB cable
● 1 x Servo motor
● 2 x Breadboard
● 2 x Button
● 45 x Jump wire
● 10 x Resistance 330R
● 10 x Red LED
● 10 x Green LED

● MakePython ESP32 Dev Kit Guidance
● MakePython ESP32 Lessons Source Code
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