About Makerfabs

Fab Service for Makers

Makerfabs Provide One-stop Service for Your PCBA Project.


One-stop PCBA prototyping | Small batch production service for makers

Here in Makerfabs we focus on small-batch PCB/PCBA solutions and provide customers with efficient and high-standard services.

Offering Assembly Services with Refined and Strict Process
We provide turnkey PCBA service for makers and start-ups to create the first prototyping board to mass production, which includes PCB, components sourcing, PCB assembly, soldering, programming, testing, case design, 3D printing, CNC, molding injection, packing& shipping, etc.
Based on our more than ten years' experience in open source hardware, PCBA production and our direct access to Shenzhen-the largest electronic market in Asia, we are dedicated to creating an ecosystem of "turnkey" solutions for makers and start-ups.
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Turnkey Service

Include components sourcing, PCB design, PCB manufacture, PCB assembly, soldering, testing, case design, 3D printing, CNC, molding injection, packing & shipping, etc.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

20% reduction in delivery cycle: for Express PCB, lead time 2-3 days; for PCBA, lead time 2 weeks.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Validated components vendors, ISO9001 management, sample confirmation, 100% functional tested.

Cost-effective Price

Cost-effective Price

Below the average level quotation 5%-20%: testing fee $0.1/minute; SMD starting fee $20; free capacitors & resistors.

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