3 Reasons: Why We Suggest Electronics Learners the ESPwatch?

3 Reasons: Why We Suggest Electronics Learners the ESPwatch?

July 09, 2019

Recently, we released an ESPWatch Kit for electronics starters to DIY a Smart-watch, users should to solder, program, and even assembly all by themselves, follow our detailed step-by-step guide.

And we update the UI display with weather forecasting soon.

And we also update a new version of this DIY ESPwatch starter kit with stencil and soldering paste added in the kit, to help starters to make the smart-watch easier.

Why we suggest electronic learners the ESPwatch?

There are 3 reasons:

1. ESPwatch helps to learn components soldering, both for hand soldering, or with stencils. 

Electronics Starters can learn and practice hand soldering with our detailed video, include how to use the soldering iron& tweezer, how to place the components, how to download the program, how to assembly the whole watch, etc. And there’s also the stencil and solder paste included in the update version of ESPWatch kit,  for stencil soldering, which is the same for industry soldering… The starters will easily get to know how all your phones/TVs soldered…
video _1:  
How to make a DIY ESPwatch?
vedio_2:  ESPWatch update: soldering with hot wind

2. Learn the basic IoT programming based on ESPwatch.  

ESPwatch is not just a soldering kit that blinks an LED, but needs whole IoT programming, include Arduino/MQTT  programming and setting, and open time& weather service. There’s a very detailed step by step guide for learns to start the first IoT programming at https://makerfabs.com/wiki/index.php?title=ESPWatch
Add the ESP8266 core into Arduino IDEInstance Info of MQTT

3. Mechanic parts, to make the ESPwatch works on your wrist& daily life.

There Mechanic case and Wristband included, it could be really your tools in your life, especially for the weather forecast…
Time and Date of ESPwatchWeather Forecast of ESPwatch

Those are the 3 reasons why Makerfabs suggest electronics starter the
ESPwatch KitYou will easily get to know the soldering world, the basic IoT Program, and the mechanic assembly.


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