Cooperate with Makerfabs to Bring Products to the World

Cooperate with Makerfabs to Bring Products to the World

August 26, 2019

Makerfabs is a PCBA manufacturer in China, There're 3 hot featured electronic products from us. Cooperate with Makerfabs to Bring Products to the World Now!

PewPew Game Console is a Python-based micro game console, programmed with CircuitPython, based on the PewPew, users can learn the Python programing within a few minutes, perfect for game programming and electronics workshops.
PewPew Game Console by MakerfabsPewPew Standalone Game Console by Makerfabs
We are also glad to see that our production bigger version PewPew helps for Python learners, on the Europython 2019:
Europython 2019Europython 2019-1

Pewpew is designed& support by Radomir Dopieralski, and produced by Makerfabs (available at Makerfabs on-line store or Tindie), Radomir Dopieralski authorized Makerfabs to produce& sell them, without any fee, to provide better& more cost-effective products to these learners. Thanks @Rodomir.

Actually there're many other products, that bring out by cooperation of Makerfabs& Makers:

1. Acoustic Levitator

Use acoustic waves to hold in mid-air samples such as water, ants or tiny electric components. This technology has been previously restricted to a couple of research labs but now you can make it at your home.

But it was not an easy work to prepare all the components/modules in the kit, and also make the 3D printing. People who interested in this application and want to learn more, will take too much time for these kinds of components preparing. After authorized by the designer Asier Marzo, Makerfabs prepare the Acoustic Levitator kit that included all the components:
Acoustic Levitator by Makerfabs
With experienced sourcing channels and quality control, then people who interested in this could benefit, $70 much lower than that for personal kitting:
Customer Feedback of Acoustic LevitatorCustomer Feedback of Acoustic Levitator-1

2. YScanner 3D Scanner
The YScanner is a cost-effective 3D Scanner for Makers& Startups. Compared to other 3D scanners, the advantages of YScanner:

  • Much cost-effective, $198 for kits
  • Easier to use, with re-designed APP, and Single USB cable for Power& Data communication;
  • No extra calibration needed;
  • Support various 3D video output.
YScanner 3D Scanner

YScanner is created by a Shenzhen local team, YuanGan, and AlexPan, with about 2 years. It is not an easy work for a startup to create such a new product, including electronic hardware/software/mechanic platform and a new algorithm.

Makerfabs helps on the YScanner stocking, shipping, and payments, which is sometimes difficult for new startups, without a coin profit, to help startups grow and bring more Original& New products to the world.

If you are makers/ startups facing the same challenge, why not contact Makerfabs for help now? Contact us at

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