How to Check SMD Soldering Strength?

How to Check SMD Soldering Strength?

May 25, 2019

In our daily works, it is common we need to know what’s the components soldering strength to the PCB boards. Poor SMD soldering strength leads to a high risk of components falling off the board.

Makerfabs use the SMD pulling tester to sample test the soldering strength for the components:


Normally, the pull strength testing as follows:

1. Pulling the components directly with the tester, pulling angle 30~45 degree;

2. Pulling time 10S;

3. The pulling standard as follows:

Makerfabs engineer is testing the diodes& 0402 capacitors for one project:
With these testing, we can get more detailed info on how the components are soldered on the PCB, to keep our PCBA products better quality.

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