Maduino: Ready to Go IoT Boards for Arduino Projects

Maduino: Ready to Go IoT Boards for Arduino Projects

October 08, 2020

Maduino: ready to go IoT boards for Arduino projects, Makerfabs dedicated to IoT-related solutions for makers creating the IoT projects easier. Here are some popular Maduino IoT hardware from us.

Rich Experience with hardware designs and related electronics production, Makerfabs provide a variety of IoT boards, to help makers/ startups to create the IoT projects easier & faster.

1. Maduino UNO & Maduino Grove

As the very basic Arduino-compatible board, the UNO is the first step for starters entering the Arduino world. Compares to the original Arduino Uno board, The Maduino UNO has the below updates:
1.) Microcontroller ATmega328P-AU with SMD package, easier for mass production;
2.) The UART2USB convertor with FT232, which is stable and no extra driver needed;
3.) Lower DC jack to avoid conflicting with Shields;
4.) Update power management;
5.) Mini USB with bowing, to ensure the USB connector endure large force;

Besides, as the electronic modules Grove popular used, we develop the Maduino Grove, basically, an Uno board +15 Grove connectors, include D/UART/I2C connectors. No extra Shield needed, users can connect the grove modules directly to the Maduino Grove.

Compares to UNO, it can be only powered by the USB, suitable for those applications that need current < 500mA, which is the maximum of USB current.

2. Maduino GPS Tracker/ Lora(433M/ 868M/ 915M)/ A6 / A9G

Makerfabs begin the IoT products trip, with our long experience with SIMCOM, we found that the SIM808 is the right one, It is the upgrade version of SIM900, which is EOL now. That is why the Maduino GPS Tracker.

The Maduino GPS tracker integrates the GSM/ GPRS/ GPS functions, with Arduino Atmega328 controller and UART2USB converter, users can start to access the IoT immediately. The On-board SD card storage makes it suitable for applications that need storage, and the power management modules make this module can be powered by a battery and charged by external chargers such as solar panel and USB.

The AI-Think A6 module is also a powerful and popular, actually a big competitor for SIM series modules. The Maduino GPRS A6 offers the GSM/GPRS functions, Of course, related antenna included in the package. And the female header not soldered not because we are lazy, but maybe the user does not need, or some other connections would be needed.

Maduino Zero A9G is also a hot one from the Makerfabs Maduino family, now we already upgraded it to the newest v3.3, it is based on the 32-bit Atmel’s SAMD21 MCU and A9G. It integrates a micro Controller ATSAMD21G18, GRRS/GSM GPS module A9G, which is the upgrade version of Maduino GPRS A6, power management and storage, to make the A9G ready for a real project for IoT projects such as smart-home, outdoor monitoring, etc. You can also check the detailed user guide on the WiKi page.

As the name, The Maduino Lora provides the Lora connection, for 433M, 868M, or 915M, unlike some other low-cost modules that use a simple wire as the "antenna", Makerfabs provide professional antenna to ensure ultra-long range spread spectrum and high interference immunity. Note that you may need a pair, that is 2 pcs, with the same frequency 433M, 868M, or 915M, to create a Lora project with transmitter and receiver.

3. Maduino Zero SIM808 GPS Tracker

Although Uno is easier to start for beginners, it is true that the 8-bits Atmage328 hard, or even incompetent, for some real IoT projects, that is why the Maduino Zero SIM808 GPS Tracker. The 32 bits controller SAMD21 provides much more powerful computing and larger storage. If you got some experience with Arduino and in prototyping something large IoT projects, this GPS tracker with Arduino Zero would be right for you. Of course, we will not stop the GPS tracker with 8 bits atmega328, although almost the same cost, it would be easier for new starters. We have updated the hardware several times during the past few years, and now the newest version 3.5 is available.

4. Maduino BLE 4.0 HM-13

Makerfabs Hardware engineers also developed the Maduino BLE. With 32-bit Atmel’s SAMD21 MCU and Bluetooth module HM-13, ensure its practicability in more complicated projects. Maduino BLE 4.0 HM-13  is based on the Arduino, users can program it with Arduino IDE, which is very easy to use, especially suit for the none-programmers. With this board, you will easy to add text, SMS, and data to your project. It is good for your smart home project or M2M, etc.

1.) ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
2.) Integrated Power Control System
3.) Support AT Command
4.) BLE and SPP Bluetooth Profile Support
5.) Support USB Power Charge
6.) Support Micro SD Card
7.) Interface: I2C/SPI/UART/18*GPIO

5. Maduino Zero WiFi ESP8266

For the WIFI connection, it seems the ESP8266 is still the right one, although the ESP8266 can do something other than the WIFI connection by itself, such as the NodeMCU Mini, we think a "Controller+ESP8266" would make the whole system easy and clear.

Maduino Zero WiFi ESP8266 is an IoT (Internet of things) Solution based on the 32-bit Atmel’s SAMD21 MCU and WiFi module ESP8266. It integrated a micro Controller ATSAMD21G18, WiFi module ESP8266. The Maduino Zero ESP8266 based on the Arduino, too, users can program it with Arduino IDE. There are also guide for users to learn how to create the first IoT project with this board, with which the starters can learn the hardware and programming skill quickly. Check the detailed guide on Wiki page.

6. Maduino Zero 3G SIM5320

This is a Maduino 3G solution based on SIM5320, with 2 versions: SIM5320E and SIM5320A, you should check the below chart and choose the module based on the wireless network configuration.

This Maduino Zero 3G SIM5320 based on the 32-bit Atmel’s SAMD21 MCU and 3G GPRS/ GSM/ GPS module SIM5320, with below futures:

1.) ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
2.) Micro SIM Connector
3.) Integrated Power Control System
4.) Support AT Command
5.) Quad-band 850MHz GSM, 900MHz EGSM, 1800MHz DCS, 1900MHz PCs - connect onto any global GSM network with any 2G SIM
6.) European Version - with dual-band UMTS/HSDPA 900/2100MHz WCDMA + HSDPA
7.) Support GPRS data traffic, the maximum data rate, download 85.6Kbps, upload 42.8Kbps
8.) Send and receive SMS messages
9.) Fully-integrated GPS (Qualcomm PM8015 GPS)
10.) Support USB Power Charge
11.) Support Micro SD Card
12.) Interface: I2C/SPI/UART/18*GPIO

7. Maduino Zero Ethernet

Wireless is wonderful, although the WiFi/ LoRa solutions get cheaper these days, sometimes you want the strong reliability of wire, that is why this Maduin Zero Ethernet.

Ethernet is a tried-and-true networking standard. It's supported by every hub and switch, and because there's a physical connection you don't have to noodle around with SSIDs, passwords, authentication schemes, or antennas.

This board feature as below:

1.) Arduino Compatible
2.) ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
3.) Support Micro SD Card
4.) 18* GPIO

8. Maduino Zero NFC

Maduino Zero NFC is an Arduino compatible small development board with NFC (Near-Field Communication).

This board will be the bridge that helps you wirelessly interact with your environment, drive motors, unlock strikes, control relays, read from a temperature sensor, and all thanks to built-in NFC connectivity, right out of the box. Same other Maduino Zero boards, this board is based on ATSAMD21G18(which actually makes it available to work with MicroPython, if you re-program the bootloader).

What makes this Maduino NFC solution special?
1.) Arduino compatible
2.) ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
3.) Support Micro SD Card
4.) 18* GPIO
5.) 13.56M wireless NFC

Also, Makerfabs prepared a project for learners to go with Maduino Zero NFC, it is about the "COVID-19 Mask Detector".

Due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, only the staff can pass the entrance and exit of the Makerfabs office building, and must wear NFC masks specially customized by Makerfabs, which cannot be accessed by outsiders. But some people don't always wear masks. Therefore, we made a mask detector. If you wear an NFC mask, the door of the office building can be opened automatically and you can enter and exit freely, otherwise, you will not be able to enter.

9. More Products on the way, such as Canbus with RS485

Besides, more Maduino 4G/ NO-IoT modules are all on the way. Below is a new Maduino solution's diagram of Zero Canbus with RS485, Let’ see what will happen next.

@all Makers& designers, you can get all the Maduino IoT Boards at Makerfabs online store. BTW, we accept customization PCBA design service based on those boards. Pls contact service@makerfabs.comwink

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