Makerfabs Certification Service - ROHS/CE/UL/FCC

Makerfabs Certification Service - ROHS/CE/UL/FCC

January 14, 2020

Makerfabs Certification Service - ROHS/CE/UL/FCC…
Not only on PCBA design/ production, and other production services, Makerfabs also helps makers/startups on product certification services, include CE/ UL/ ROHS/ FCC, etc. Different countries may require different certifications, to make your products be legal to be sold on the market. This also depends on what your product is, and your aim market.

All the certification can be authorized by the Certification labs, while it may be difficult for the makers/startups to communicate with them directly, Makerfabs helps to bridge the designer to the certification labs, helps on the files/programming/communication back and forth, and solve the problem in the testing, and thus to ensure there finally the certification.

Some of the certification Makerfabs helped on recently, include ROHS/ CE/ EMC…

Makerfabs can provide certification service for your PCBA and electronics product, Makerfabs deal with all the problems in the testing/ certification, and get a solution together with the designer/ lab, to make the products pass the certification.
● Environmental compatible ROHS/ Reach;
● Wireless& safety: FCC/ CE/ UL;
● EMC;
● Quality testing: Temperature/ Vibration/ UV/ IP grade…

Note: 1-2 product samples are needed for the certification process(the lab will need the sample to test); and for different certifications, the cycle time is different.

If any certification needs, please contact or your personal project manager for PCBA.

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