PCBA/ Product Certification Service

PCBA/ Product Certification Service

May 26, 2020

PCBA/ Product Certification Service - CE/ RoHS/ FCC...
As a PCBA vendor, Makerfabs provide the turnkey solution include the PCBA/ product certification service. Include RoHS/ CE/ FCC, etc, to make those products ready to the market and sold legally to the end-customers.

As a PCBA vendor, Makerfabs deal with all kinds of PCBA manufacturing related work every day, such as PCB prototyping, PCB assembly, SMT, components sourcing, soldering, testing, etc, to help makers/ startups bring their ideas/ designs into reality quickly and cost-effective. Besides the PCBA board production, based on Shenzhen's local advantages on electronics, we also get some requests about other services, the most commonly asked is certification service, which can make those electronics products ready to the market and sold legally to the end-customers.

As a PCBA supplier, of course, Makerfabs do not have the authorization to certificate the PCBA boards. The Certification is done by 3rd party authorized certification lab, and Makerfabs role in is helping the communication back and forth, and the suggestions/ feedback about the design/ production, to help the project pass the testing and get the certification finally.

In the past 2 years, Makerfabs have helped more than 5 projects to get the certification successfully, include RoHS/ CE/ FCC... We cooperated reliable 3rd certification lab which is only 1 mile from the Makerfabs office, so we can solve the problems quickly and effectively during the certification process.

Check their labs:

Here are some recent projects we help with CE certification and Rohs certification:

The CE EMC Certification; CE LVD Certification; ROHS Certification Report.

As the CE and Rohs certification are the most customers requirement, here are some basic Infos about CE and RoHS.

1. About CE:

CE is CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE, The "CE" certification mark is a mandatory certification in the EU market. Whether the product is produced by an enterprise within the EU or not, if you want your products to be circulated freely in the EU market, the "CE" mark must be affixed.

1.1 CE Certification:

The cost of CE certification mainly depends on the product. For example, ordinary products without RF only need to test EMC; wireless products (Bluetooth, WIFI, 4G, etc.), in addition to the EMC part, a large number of radio and telecommunications instructions are also required. So the cost will undoubtedly increase. To get a CE Certification quotation, please send an email to service@makerfabs.com, with the following info:

1. Production files:Yes, the PCBA production files are needed, not only for a reference, but also for real prototyping. That is, for the testing, Makerfabs will make few samples (normally 5 pcs) and handed them to the labs for testing;
2. Programming files, working firmware: In the testing, the boards need to be work as intended, so the firmware is essential;
3. For wireless communication modules, how to fix the frequency, to ensure that labs could be scan the wireless sending/ receiving performance.

Of course, there're much more files/ communications back and forth needed in the testing, and if the testing failed, Makerfabs will work together with the labs to make suggestions to the designer how to improve, which may be very time-cost and need experienced knowledge on electronic design, that is why we Makerfabs can only hand 1~2 certification service projects simultaneously.

1.2 Cost of CE Certification:

As the CE certification cost, it is hard to estimate without any files, just for reference:
1. Once a simple project with Arduino controller, with temperature sensor/ relay/ power supply, while without any wireless communication, mainly for agriculture usage, $1000.
2. Maduino A9G board, with Maduino controller, A9G GPRS/ GPS module, mainly used to track children's bags, $2500~$3000.

2. About RoHS:

RoHS is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, a mandatory standard established by EU legislation.

2.1 RoHS Certification:

Compares to CE, RoHS testing is related simple and easy. It is not something about electronic& usage, it is only something about environment friendly. In the testing, the engineers will decompose the PCBA boards to the most basic chemical ingredient, to judge all the electronics components include the capacitors/ connectors/ packages…are environment friendly.

Note that for the ROHS testing, the sample handed to the labs should be All (yes, I mean all, even for a screw) the same as the mass production, or the certification would be meaningless.

2.2 Cost of RoHS Certification:

For ROHS, the certification price is relatively cheap. It is charged based on the material. Normally 1 material is about $100. The Maduino A9G is $800, for customer’s reference.

Anyway, there're many detailed Infos about product certification service, which is impossible to state them clearly at this blog, if you want to know more, pls contact your project manager, or send us an email by service@makerfabs.com.

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