Production Errors of Lora Soil Moisture Sensors

Production Errors of Lora Soil Moisture Sensors

July 15, 2022

PCB assembly is Makerfabs daily work, and there always be problem, we made some production errors in recently Lora soil moisture sensors.

PCBA Production not easy, and always some problems.

We made an production error in recently Lora soil moisture sensor production, that the reversed version of battery holder were installed, see the following picture:

We do not find this problem either in the production& testing, as we used the testing jigs for powering in the testing, but not installed batteries.

We sincerely sorry for this problem. These wrong version boards has been shipped out of orders from 7/6 to 7/14, total quantity about 150 pcs, please help to check if the boards you received are revered.

We have the following solutions:
1. As we tested, installing the batteries revered, as the following picture, is safe and OK:

2. If you are not satisfied with above solution, please contact us: to ask a replacement.

Thanks for all your supporting and understanding.

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