Source a Proper PCB Enclosure for Your Project

Source a Proper PCB Enclosure for Your Project

September 15, 2019

Make a proper PCB Enclosure for your Project

After the electronic hardware designs and software/ firmware completed, it is time to find a PCB enclosure box for your project. To make such a PCB box, there're plenty of ways:
  • CNC: CNC is a good way for sample production, with short lead time& affordable price. But the problem is also the price, it would be too expensive if you need a few hundred. Normally, the CNC only fits for golden sample, or just verification for designs, not for a real production;
  • 3D Printing: Compares to CNC, 3D printing relatively cheap, but as the reason for the material, the quality not stable, it would be fragile after 3 months, with color goes ugly. Besides, the unit price also high, it can’t be a solution for a final product;
  • Molding: Of course, design/ make a mold would be the final solution, quality could be good with a much lower unit price. But, the molding fee starts from a few thousand dollars.
So, how about projects that intend for a few hundred?

Makerfabs Solution:
Sourcing an existing PCB case on the market and remake it to make it proper for you.

1. Sourcing a Proper PCB Enclosure:

Sourcing a proper PCB enclosure

There're plenty of these kinds of cases in the Shenzhen market. Makerfabs can help to source proper PCB enclosure boxes for your PCBA projects, considering Size/ Material/ Sharp/ Usage/ Water-proof, etc. With competitive price(arrange from $1 to $10), these price has been mass produced, the quality relative good, suitable for projects a few hundreds, which not cost-effective to make a mold.

2. PCBA Re-design

After a PCB case has been selected, the PCBA needs to be re-designed to make it suitable for the case, include:
  • PCBA installing method plan, to make the PCBA board fit for the case size and easy to be installed into the box;
  • Battery installing and protection;
  • Make outlets/switches go outside;
  • LEDs/displays installing plan, to make it visible outside;
  • Others.
Makerfabs engineers will check the electronic/ PCB enclosure, to make them suitable to each other.

3. Hole Drilling and Silkscreen

Makerfabs use the laser to drill holes for connectors, and also silkscreen for logo/product spec, and papers, if needed.
PCBA Box enclosure Hole drilling and silk screen
As the above picture, we drill the holes for LEDs and the connectors, and installing the LED on the PCB case to make it flat with the case. Laser printing product info could be very clear on the box's top side.

If you intend your project production a few hundred, this using-a-ready-case could be a proper solution, ask Makerfabs project manager for more help at, to prepare a proper PCB enclosure case for your projects.

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