What is IOT(internet of things)?

What is IOT(internet of things)?

June 09, 2019

There plenty of projects called “IOT products”, but, what is IOT(internet of things)?
We understand it :
Connecting something into the internet, so it can be sensed, or controlled, by other people, or other thing. All the things included, the connected thing  itself, the internet, the related technology and  policy,  they called IOT.

That is, IOT could be a car that connected to GSM/GPS, could be an ARM IC, could be Lora connection, and even a policy to help the Entrepreneurs to create their first project.

                                     the meaning of IOT

For IOT solutions, it should be :
1.Cheap enough. To support they are be produced with large quantity;
2.Simple & strong, to support they are stable even in bad circumstances;
3.Low Power, to make them alive even with battery;
4.Low translation rate. Different with normal internet apply, in many IOT projects, they do not need high translation rate;
5.Mass. Think about the sand in a beach.

There plenty of technology needed:
1. How to sense, and control.. there plenty of sensors , but not enough… 
2. How things addressed; include the hardware and softeware;
3. How things connected to internet, include the LAN and WAN….
4. How to deal with the large data…..
5. How to deal with the relationship AI vs Human ?