What is Open Hardware: 3 Most Popular Open-source Hardware

What is Open Hardware: 3 Most Popular Open-source Hardware

June 12, 2019

What is Open Hardware: 3 Most Popular Open-source Hardware
In the world of open-source hardware, users can use any way to achieve creativity. You can use the most basic panel to build the circuit, or you can use the "electronic module" to achieve without having to understand the internal implementation of the module. Of course, most designs require a processor, or hardware platform, to implement logical functions. What is Open Hardware?

At present, the most popular open hardware platforms are:

1. Arduino

Arduino, or Arduino compatible boards, are the most simple, but popular used open-source hardware platform. There're so many Arduino compatible modules and example codes with Google. Anybody, even without any electronic& programming experience, can turn their ideas such as IoT(internet of things) into reality in a few hours.
Arduino boardMaduino Board
Besides the Arduino official team, there're some companies such as Sparkfun/ Adafruit make a lot of contributions to Arduino, and project sharing such as Instructables, for more and more learners/ starters.

2. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is an open-source single controller board with Linux OS. It acts more a computer, that users can integrate more hardware into it, and install the software.
Raspberry Pi board
Compares to Arduino, Raspberry Pi is much more powerful and can be used to complete much more complicated projects such as a web server, or the gateway of the smart-home appliance.

3. Micro: bit

The BBC micro: bit is a handheld, programmable micro-computer open hardware platform that can be used for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless. Basically, it mainly focuses on the kids, to learn basic programming, and thus the kids can get inspired by the electronic world, and the thinking method of coding.
Micro:Bit Micro:bit

4. Conclusion

The above 3 most popular open hardware. Makerfabs suggest:
  • If you are a Father that want to teach your kids about electronic, and codes -> Micro: bit;
  • If you are a DIY starter, or a none-electronic engineer -> Arduino;
  • If you are a software and want to make some projects about hardware -> Raspberry Pi.

If you have further questions about open source hardware, or customized PCBA serice on those Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro Bit boards/ modules, pls contact service@makerfabs.com for your costomized PCBA!wink

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