ESP32 AC Dimmer - Makerfabs PCB Design Service

ESP32 AC Dimmer - Makerfabs PCB Design Service

Project Name ESP32 AC Dimmer
Production Category IOT/ Smart-home
Cooperation PCBA Design
Quantity 5 PCS
Lead Time 4 Weeks
Cost $500

This project is co-designed with lampless, to create a WiFi AC dimmer. Makerfabs help on the PCBA design and PCBA prototyping. Contact Makerfabs for electronic hardware designs!

Project Summary

This project is co-designed with lampless, to create a WiFi AC dimmer. This customer is an experienced engineer, familiar with AC dimmer-related hardware, while we Makerfabs has many ESP32 related projects, such as the ESP32 SmartClock, the customer contacted us and ask for co-design, to create this WiFi AC dimmer.

This project is composed of:
1. ESP32 controller, and its boot circuit/ UART2USB circuit;
2. Rotary Encoder Input;
3. OLED display/ SPI flash memory;
4. AC/ DC and DC/ DC, as the power supply;
5. MOSFET Trailing& Leading edge AD dimmer;
6. Opto-isolated zero cross detection.

As an open hardware designer/ producer, Makerfabs RD team do not have AC dimmer experience before, with about 1 week learning of AC dimmer and 2 weeks design works, Makerfabs completed the PCBA design work and made 3 pcs of PCBA samples. We also made some simple test to check if the hardware works as intended, it turns out OK. 3 tested boards are shipped to customers for further checking.


Makerfabs helps on electronic hardware designs for makers/ startups, based on solutions what we good at:
● IoT/ Smart-home projects;
● Wireless solution, include 2G(GPRS)/ 4G/ GPRS/ GPS/ WiFi/ LoRa/ BLE…
● Open hardware platforms: ESP32/ Arduino.

For Makerfabs PCB/ PCBA design service:
1. Customer send the rough inquiry, about the project plan/ usage environment/ target market/ Team, to Makerfabs;
2. We will estimate if the project suit Makerfabs, and the difficulty/ lead time, and the quotation, normally the quotation include a few samples shipping to customer for checking;
3. Customer paid the design fee, and discuss with the Makerfabs RD team for detailed design requests;
4. Makerfabs engineer design, and check with customer the design files, and made few PCBA samples.
5. Makerfabs provide simple hardware test method to check the hardware, and ship to customer for checking;
6. Makerfabs provide all the design files to customer, include schematic/ layout/ BOM.

1. For PCBA design works, Makerfabs will only provide simple testing firmware, to ensure the hardware works as intended, but not the customer final firmware/ software;
2. If any design error, Makerfabs will modify the design and re-prototype; if big design request updates in the design, or any hardware updates needed after the prototyping, there extra design fee/ prototyping fee may needed.
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