ESP32 Icon - PCBA Design Service from Makerfabs

ESP32 Icon - PCBA Design Service from Makerfabs

Project Name ESP32 Icon
Production Category DIY, Home Automation
Cooperation Electronic Design, PCBA Design, Assembly
Quantity 100 PCS
Lead Time 4 Weeks
Cost $1,000

ESP32 Icon, a small project with smart idea from Makerfabs customer. We helped with the turnkey electronic hardware/ PCBA design and manufacturing. Contact Makerfabs for PCBA Design Service!

Project Summary

A Small project with smart idea from our customer. The customer is good product manager and experienced on coding, with more than 2 years’ cooperation with Makerfabs on some other projects and trust on our R&D experience, and by chance that we Makefabs have many ESP32-based projects, we working together to design this tiny project.

Makerfabs takes the role of electronic hardware designer& producer, and the final product assembly. With Makerfabs’ help, this project development goes quicker, the designer concentrate more on the firmware and the mechanical design, and finally this project turns out impressive lovely.

● PCBA Design: After getting customer’s request of design, we firstly estimated the this project is what we specialized always (projects based on ESP32/Arduino/Raspberry PI/…), and begin the detailed discussion as business confirmed, include the detailed PCB spec/ functional/ mechanical coordination... PCB layout and then prototype few pcs for testing... After all tested, ship to customer for confirmation. All files include PCB gerber file/schematic/BOM owns our customer for Makerfabs PCBA design service
● PCBA Production: As the design works completed, Makerfabs product the PCBA via customers order/business plan. Makerfabs concentrate on service for Makers/startup, PCBA production arrange from few pcs samples to small batch few thousands. With Our rich experience on electronic hardware, we can program& test all our produced boards, to ensure all boards 100% Ok as our customers receive them.
● Product assembly: For a product there not only electronic parts, but also the structural parts. For this ESP32 Icon, our customer contacted some Shenzhen mode factory to customized some structural parts and ship to us, Makerfabs assemble them manually (for small batch) and do the finally quality checking.


1. Detailed PCBA designing service.

2. 100% pass PCBA production.

3. Checking of parts from customer’s other vendors, coordinate the quality/lead time problem, and thus to ensure perfect product.
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