Country Italy
Production Category Open Hardware
Cooperation PCBA Production
Quantity 2000 pcs/Year
Lead time 4 Weeks

Fishino is a series of Arduino-compatible board, include Fishino UNO/ Mega2560/ M0/ Guppy, etc. Makerfabs help on PCBA Production. Contact us for your PCBA solution.

Project Summary

Fishino is a series of Arduino-compatible boards, include Fishino UNO/ Mega2560/ M0/ Guppy, etc. Compares to original Arduino boards, they are more powerful with ESP modules, and the given libraries help the user easier to use with IoT applications.

The most difficult step for fishino boards is the programming& testing, which needs JTAGs/ USB connections WIFI connections and SD cards inserted. Also, there sometimes the ESP module firmware needs to be also updated. Makerfabs engineers deal with all the problems in the Fishino PCBA board production, to ensure 100% pass as customers getting them in hand, and 100% satisfaction.


1. Arduino-compatible;

2. Complicated PCBA programming/ testing;

3. Unpopular components;

4. PCBA certification service include RoHS/ CE/ UL Certification.
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