Lite3DP - An Arduino-based, Open Source MSLA/ LCD-SLA Resin Micro 3D Printer Kit

Lite3DP - An Arduino-based, Open Source MSLA/ LCD-SLA Resin Micro 3D Printer Kit

Project Name Lite3DP
Production Category 3D Printing
Cooperation PCBA manufacture/ Programming/ Testing/ Product Assembly
Quantity 600 PCS
Lead Time 7 Weeks
Cost $6500 (for PCBA only)

Lite3DP is an Arduino-based, open source MSLA/ LCD-SLA resin micro 3D printer kit. Contact Makerfabs for turnkey PCBA solution for your project!.

Project Summary

Lite3DP, A micro 3D printer that utilizes high-print-quality, virtually-silent MSLA technology. It’s the first of its kind to be based entirely on Arduino, is open source, and comes in an easy-to-assemble kit format. It’s a simple machine that is designed for experimentation and allows for a deep and complete understanding of its operation. And it can fit on just about any desk or in any workshop.

MSLA resin 3D printing technology can achieve stunning detail levels and surface finishes, far superior to what filament 3D printers can reach - essentially by curing resin using a screen such as the LCD on Lite3DP. Although 3D printers with MSLA technology are already offered at prices similar to those of filament printers, they are closed source projects, skirting one of the most precious characteristics of modern 3D printing - accessibility.

This Kit at Crowdsupply:


This Lite3DP is shipped as a kit for the end users to assemble in short time, include:
● PCB Assembly
● Mechanical structures.

1. Makerfabs produced the PCBA
● PCB DFM and Production. The PCB spec: 1.6mm thickness, Hasl lead free, Black solder mask;
● Components preparing
● Arduino programming: An Arduino Pro mini are used as the controller, Makerfabs programed the production firmware;
● Other modules adjusting, include the Driver setting/ Hole drilling/LCD screen re-dealing;
● PCBA soldering and testing. The board are all THT pads, all the boards are strictly tesed as the customer guide;
2. For items not produced by Makerfabs.
Makerfabs accept our customers consigning items for assembly/kitting. Customer contact other producers to order these items and ask the producers ship to us directly for kitting. Makerfabs help checking the quality/ stocking, and some setting if needed, this made the whole project cost-effective.
3. Kitting
After PCBA and all the accessories ready, more than 10 items, include electronic and mechanical parts, all the items are well packed and kitted in the case, make it ready for shipping to end users. so the project designer can directly ship them out .
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