PETS Project Exhibition

PETS Project Exhibition

Country Japan
Company For Our Kids Inc.
Production Category Educational
Cooperation Final Product Assembly
Quantity 2,000 pcs
Lead time 5 Weeks

Production Summary

PETS is an intuitive programming learning kit. Kids can program their movement with tangible command blocks by inserting them into PETS. It helps the kids begin the first step of creating and programming, and thus to learn how to cooperate with others. 

A lot of steps such as PCB assembly, laser cutting, product assembly, etc, are needed in the production. Makerfabs was in charge of the PCB assembly, includes the parts sourcing, PCBA soldering, and testing. This project has been succeeded crowd-funding on Kickstarter:



1. Strict requests on the soldering quality;

2. Some components hard to source, Makerfabs help sourcing around the world;

3. All PCBA 100% tested, shipping with packages directly to the final customers.
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