Piunora - Open Source Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4

Piunora - Open Source Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4

Project Name Piunora
Production Category Industry Usage
Cooperation PCB& PCB Assembly
Quantity 1200 PCS
Lead Time 8 Weeks
Cost $6,000

Piunora, A tiny-but-mighty open-source carrier board for the Raspberry Pi CM4, Makerfabs helped on the turnkey PCB& PCBA solution for 1200pcs. Contact Makerfabs for PCBA Service!

Project Summary

As a carrier board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4), Piunora is essentially a tiny version of the Raspberry Pi 4 Single Board Computer (SBC) with added flexibility to accommodate custom form factors. A Qwiic/Stemma-QT-compatible connector makes it quick and easy to use I²C sensors—from Adafruit, SparkFun, and others—via Python

With more than 3 years’ cooperation of the designer, Timon, Makerfabs taken in the productions of the board, as follows:
PCB production: There high spec/quality demands on the silkscreen, after communication with the designer/PCB factory back and forth many time, we succeed to make the silkscreen with Silkscreen printing, meets the designers silkscreen requests.
Components collecting: Makerfabs gather the components with good price, especially the connectors Steel Spacer, that need to be imported.
Components soldering: There 2x50 dual board-to-board connectors, with 0.4mm pitch, and HDMI/USB Type-C connectors, Makerfabs redesigned high precise Stencil to ensure the soldering pass-rate; besides, mix usage of Medium temperature/ High temperature solder paste, to ensure the soldering quality of ws2812 and other components.
Testing: Working together with the designer, Makerfabs help on the testing jig designing, testing firmware adjusting(Python).
Product assembly& Shipping: All products will be packaged carefully with customer’s customized cases and ship to re-sellers directly, Adafruit/Mouser… with re-sellers’ packaging requests.


1. High quality requests on PCB silkscreen
2. Dual row Connector soldering with 0.4mm pitch
3. Testing jig designing, testing firmware co-designing
4. Coordinate with other producers, such as case factory/label producer, to make final product with case
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