Rigid-Flex PCBA

Rigid-Flex PCBA

Project Name Rigid-Flex PCBA
Production Category Industry Control
Cooperation PCBA OEM, ODM Service
Quantity50 pcs
Lead time 3-4 Weeks
Cost Start with $500

Project Summary

Rigid-flex PCBA is a hybrid circuit board that integrates both hardboard and flexible circuits. It can be assembled like hard boards, and then fold-installed into the device. The circuits are typically multi-layered and are comprised of flexible circuit substrates joined with rigid boards. The flexible layers are buried internally and completely penetrate the rigid sections of the PCB, could be any layer of the rigid PCB.


While Rigid-flex PCB is more expensive, rigid-flex PCBA boards are extremely versatile and can be tailored to applications across a wide range of industries. Could be a good choice for applications such as:
  • Applications with high-shock and high-vibration: Rigid flex PCBs are highly shock resistant and can survive in high-stress environments that would otherwise cause equipment failure.
  • Applications with high-density, without much space for connectors, and also help to reduce the assembly operations/increase the reliability.
Makerfabs offers world-class, cost-effective Rigid-flex PCB service, together our PCB Assembly service/ Mechanical service, to provide customer the one-stop electronic production solution.
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