Showcase for Leather Showing

Showcase for Leather Showing

Customer Name Pixcom
Country The United Arab Emirates
Production CategoryIndustry
Cooperation Mechanical Design/ Production; PCBA Design/ Production
Quantity 3000 Sets/Year
Lead Time 7 Weeks

This is showcase for Leather showing/selling, mainly used for luxury markets, based on Raspberry Pi Zero. Makerfabs helep with Mechanical Design/ Production; PCBA Design/ Production. Contact us for Turnkey Solution!

Project Summary

This is showcase for Leather showing/selling, that the leather can be placed on, and the customers can pick& feel, then check the leather price/spec on the computer, mainly used for luxury markets.

Makerfabs help with the whole product design and production, include the mechanic case and electronic boards. As the outlook design, it needs to be good-looking and friendly to the users as mainly focus on luxury markets, Makerfabs designed the charger connector with Magnetic suction head, and the case with 2 parts, to make it good looking and also easy to access; As the electronic, the board is based on Raspberry Pi Zero, integrated battery monitor, Ws2812 driver, etc. Connect to WAN& Computer, to reminds the end-customers the production info.


● Based on Raspberry Pi Zero;


● WS2812 LED/ OLED;

● Mechanical Design/ Molding Production;

● Magnetic suction head Design.
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