SmartPID Temperature Controller

SmartPID Temperature Controller

Customer Name
Company SmartPID
Production Category Industry Control
Cooperation PCBA OEM, Mechanics Structure
Quantity 200 pcs
Lead time 3-4 Weeks

Project Summary

The SmartPID controller is a center for temperature control, to allow you to control any thermoregulated processes (heating/ cooling thermostatic) in a flexible& smart way. It integrated the temperature measurement, PID autotuning routine, SSR output, etc, to ensure the temperature profile strictly as set-point value. Besides, the SmartPID is Arduino compatible and support the MQTT, which makes it available for remotely controlling and customized.

SmartPID has cooperated with Makerfabs for over 3 years on the production, from PCB, components sourcing, SMD, to the final programming, testing, and Mechanics structure molding, product assembly. There also some board2board assembly, which needs to be vertical with 1-degree error, Makerfabs works well on that.


1. High demands on soldering quality;

2. High difficulty on assembly works;

3. Testing with 220V voltage;

4. Multiple testing, with more than 10 specs;

5. PCBA small batch production, each time 50 sets.
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