Sports Tracker_ A9G GPS Tracker Customizing

Sports Tracker_ A9G GPS Tracker Customizing

Project Name Sports Tracker
Production Category Industry usage
Cooperation PCBA design & Production
Quantity 200 PCS
Lead Time 6 Weeks
Cost $3,000

Sports Tracker, an A9G GPS Tracker customizing project based on Makerfabs Maduino A9G board. We helped with the turnkey PCB design and production. Contact Makerfabs for custom PCBA design Service!

Project Summary

Makerfabs Maduino IOT series boards are open source, dedicated to provide Makers& startups quick way to test/verify IOT solutions, include Wifi/Lora/2G/3G/4G/BLE/GPS,etc.

Based on current solutions, Makerfabs can help customers to customize the board, to modify them as customers’ specially needs, to make them suitable for customer’s applications. Contact for more.

The GPRS/GPS module A9G is a module used in Makerfabs Maduino Zero GPRS/GPS A9G, it features SMS/GPRS/Call/GPS and breakout for GPIO/UART/PWM, etc.. with 32 bit ARM Cortex M0+.

Customer functional tested the board and prove it works OK for application, and then Makerfabs help to modify/re-design the board, to make it suitable for customers applications, include:

● PCBA Mechanical re-design, to make it smaller for filed application;
● PCBA functional modification. IMU is added to detect the movement; battery monitor added to check the battery status; some other buttons/LEDs are added customers usage; Makerfabs help both on schematic& PCB layout;
● EMC consideration, to pass the EMC& related certifications, shield cases are added;
● Customers silkscreen& logos;
● Mechanical cases

Normally 3~5 samples will be produced& shipped to customers for final checking& confirmation. Makerfabs provide the basic testing firmware for customer testing the hardware. If there mistakes in Makerfabs design works, Makerfabs helps on the re-design& re-produce the sample for free.

After the sample confirmed, customer ordered 200 pcs as the 1st round of small batch production, which token 4 weeks for production.


1. ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+, Arduino Zero compatible.

2. Micro SIM / SD slot.

3. A9G module, Support GPS/ GPRS data traffic/ SMS Text Messaging.

4. LEDs for working status.

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