Watchy - Fully Open Source & Customizable E-Ink Watch based on ESP32

Watchy - Fully Open Source & Customizable E-Ink Watch based on ESP32

Project Name Watchy
Production Category IOT/ Personalized
Cooperation PCBA OEM, DFM, Mechanical Design, Product Assembly
Quantity 5000 PCS
Lead Time 6 Weeks
Cost $30000

Watchy is A fully open source & customizable E-Ink watch based on ESP32. Contact Makerfabs for custom PCBA service.

Project Summary

Watchy is an E-Ink watch with open source HW& SW. It has a barebones design utilizing the PCB as the watch body, allowing it to be worn as-is, or further customized with different 3D printed cases and watch straps. It is a unique timepiece that is also a wearable development platform, allowing users to create their own experience. This kit at Crowdsupply Watchy.

This Watchy is shipped as a kit, include:
● PCB Assembly
● E-ink paper
● Mechanical case
● Wraps
● Battery


In the production, Makerfabs deal with the following works:
1. Components Sourcing works: include the e-ink paper sourcing/ quality checking, ESP32 negotiation….

2. Mechanical quality control: Makerfabs helps to coordinate local factories, include the mold factory/protecting foam factory/ paper work factory, to produced qualified case solution.

3.PCBA Testing& E-ink paper setting: All PCBA are strictly tested before the final assembly works, and E-ink paper are programmed& tested, to make them display the default time/date.

4. Production assembly: the Wathy is shipped as a kit with paper works, all items are packaged/assembled with foams and paper works, for the shipping protecting and good customer feeling.

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