1 USD BLE Solution Core

When Makerfabs try to make a disposable product that needs to be really low cost, with BLE4.1, we have to select a cheap BLE solution with less than $1, including antenna and oscillator... The disadvantage is that this solution is not popularly used and there no much material about it, which we finally succeed after days of learning and try... This would be a cheap solution for Bluetooth projects. We would love to share this with makers that interest in this.

This 1 USD BLE Solution Core is based on PHY6202, it integrates with Cortex M0, 512K Flash, 128K ROM. The total value can be lower than $1. The purpose of this product is sharing with our customer this solution, we have tested its BLE functional, but we Makerfabs also not very familiar with its detailed usage yet. So, we can’t provide much technical help on this.
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