4 Channel Lora MOSFET Driver

4 Channel Lora MOSFET Driver

This 4 Channel Lora MOSFET Driver makes it easy to control FANS/DC motors/ Solenoid/ Electromagnetic Lock, etc... with Lora.

This 4 Channel Lora MOSFET driver is based on controller Atmega328P(same as Arduino UNO) and Lora module RFM95W. The Atmega328P controls 4 channel 30v/50A MOSFET, with PWM, to driver normal DC motors/Fans, or Solenoid, with standard 2.54 JST connector, to create field control applications; with the Lora module on board, a local Lora connection can be created to control basic local actuators, suitable for simple Lora applications such as home monitoring/controlling.

Lora-4-Channel-MOSFET-Driver-Fan Lora-MOSFET-Driver-Electromagnetic-Lock

This 4 Channel Lora MOSFET Driver is shipped with Makerfabs default firmware(code available at GitHub), that users can use it without any coding/programming. It receives the Lora messages and acts as the commands (0%~100% by PWM), and also supports/feedback its status to other Lora modules. Of course, users can also free to modify/update the firmware with Arduino IDE.

● Controller: Atmega328P
● Arduino bootloader: Pro mini(3.3V/8M)
● Lora frequency: 433M/ 868M/ 915M
● MOSFET: 4 Channels
● Max Driver voltage/Current: 24V/2A
● Input voltage: 5~27V
● Unique ID
● Onboard opticalcoupler * 4
Package List:
● 1 x Lora - 4 Channel MOSFET Driver

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