CP2104 USB to UART Converter

CP2104 USB to UART Converter

This CP2104 USB to Uart Converter is super tiny, a highly-integrated USB-to-Serial Bridge Controller providing a cheap and easy solution for updating and programming.

There huge kind of USB to Serial converters on the market, while we Makerfabs design this module specially:
● 3.3V/5V compatible, with a switch on the boards, to select;
● DTR pins available, which is essential for Arduino auto-programming;
● Super tiny, with a micro USB connector.

With this easy/cheap module, it would be the most ever simple for communication between your PC with Arduino, both for serial port communication of Arduino auto-programming, such as the Makerfabs Lora moisture sensor and Lora 30A relay.

Pins Arrangement:
● Pin1-------DTR (Connect to Arduino Reset)
● Pin2-------RXD (Connect to Arduino TX)
● Pin3-------TXD (Connect to Arduino RX)
● Pin4-------GND
● Pin5-------VIO (5V or 3.3V)

You can directly plug it into Makerfabs Arduino boards for programming:

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