Industrial-grade ESP32 Lora Soil Remote Monitor

Industrial-grade ESP32 Lora Soil Remote Monitor

With the development of agricultural modernization and the popularization of precision agriculture, the remote monitoring of soil parameters such as temperature, moisture, PH, and so on, becomes more important.

This Industrial-grade ESP32 Lora Soil Remote Monitor intends for these applications of agriculture, it is mainly composed of 2 parts:
1. Remote monitor station with RS485: developed by Makerfabs, it converts the RS485 signal, which is usually used in agricultural field applications, to wireless connections WIFI (if there is) or Lora, or Bluetooth.
2. Industrial-grade Soil Sensor: unlike some other maker-level soil sensors that only output analog voltage that reflects the soil status/changes but not the absolute value, this sensor measures the soil parameters such Temperature/Moisture/PH/Nitrogen/ Phosphorus/Potassium.., with calculated true output, so users can get to know the real soil parameters.

This soil remote monitor has stable performance and high sensitivity, also is used to be a tool for observing and studying the occurrence, evolution, and improvement of saline soil and the dynamics of water and salt. The station is suitable for soil moisture monitoring, scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, plant cultivation, sewage treatment, fine agriculture, and other occasions.

Note there is a waterproof case as an extra gift for this project, but it needs the customers to drill holes to make it fit for the board, or some waterproof solution if needed after the drilling.
● ESP32 WROOM module onboard with the WiFi and Bluetooth
● Arduino Compatible: You can play it with Arduino IDE
● Onboard LoRa module (433Mhz or 868Mhz or 915Mhz)
● 0.91 inch I2C OLED display
● Sensor part is waterproof, completely sealed
● Measuring range: -40℃~80℃,0~100% moisture
● Measuring accuracy: ±0.5℃,±3% moisture
● Communication distance: Lora: 2km or more; WIFI: No such parameter
● Power by Micro USB, battery, or DC 5V
● 1000mAh battery, charger IC onboard

Parts List:
● Remote Monitor Station with RS485 Board
● Soil Sensor
● Waterproof Case

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● Sensor Datasheet
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