Lora Soil Moisture Sensor

Lora Soil Moisture Sensor

Makerfabs Lora soil moisture sensor is an IoT solution based on Atmel's Atmega328P, it collects local air temperature/ humidity with sensor AHT10, and detect the soil humidity with capacitor-humility measurement solution with 555, and transmit the local environment data to the gateway, with Lora communication, suit for applications for smart-farm, irrigation, agriculture, etc.

In applications, always you do not need to check the air/soil state continuously, have a test of them for few seconds after then minutes/hours sleeping is normally Ok for most projects. To save power, there the Air/ Soil measuring functional could be shut down in the working, so they can be only powered ON a short time and then a long time power off. With MCU in sleeping mode and low power consumption Lora module, this module works ok with 2 AAA battery for months. Besides, this sensor is coated with waterproof paint, which makes it longer working time in the damp soil.

Lora Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor is shipped out with Arduino pro-mini bootloader pre-loaded, and there's also a default sketch programmed. Uses can re-program it with Arduino IDE, we suggest a standard USB2UART convertor for this. Note that the DTR in the USB2UART convertor is needed to connect to the “Reset” pin for Arduino sketch downloading, if there no DTR, you may need to press the “reset” button manually in the downloading.
● Classic ATMEL AVR 8-bit Atmega328P, with Arduino Pro Mini(3.3V/8M bootloader pre-loaded)
● RAM: 2KBytes.
● EEPROM: 1Kbytes.
● Clock Speed: 8 MHz.
● Working Temperature: -20 ~ +85℃.
● Default baud rate: 115200bps.

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