Lora Soil Monitoring And Irrigation Kit

Lora Soil Monitoring And Irrigation Kit

When we say “Farm automatic” or “smart agriculture”, soil status monitoring& irrigation is the most basic for a farm. A farm soil status monitoring& irrigation need the following features:
1. Soil status monitoring at multiple points. The soil status, basically humidity and temperature, need to be monitored at multiple points depends on the farm characteristic &plant needs.
2. Irrigating at multiple points, or some other actuators such as fans, to control/ adjust the environment, including humidity/ temperature, of multiple points.
3. Easy to Install. In a farm, as the environment moisture and potential insects& mouses, it is hard to install wires. So remote wireless monitoring& controlling are needed, that the sensors/irrigating can be installed easily.

This Lora Soil Monitoring and Irrigation Kit is based on ESP32 and Lora. The ESP32 3.5 inch display is the console for the system, it receives the Lora message from Lora moisture sensors (support up to 8 sensors in our default firmware) , and send control commands to Lora 4-chnanel MOSFET(two 4-channel MOSFET supported, with totally 8 channels), to control the connected valves open/close, and thus to control the irrigation for multiple points.

To create a local soil monitor and thus to control irrigation, this kit features:
● Ready to use. Firmware are pre-programmed for all the modules before shipping, the user can only power them up and set the ID to the console, and start to use. Suitable for none-programmers, in 3 minutes to create filed application;
● With Lora wireless connection, the monitor& control range can be up to few kilometer, suitable for garden/small farm;
● Soil moisture sensor with good corrosion resistance, can be used at least half an year with 2 AAA battery;
● Easy to install. Compares to cheap solution with wires, which is hard to implement in files application, there the connection wires do not needed, the whole installation clean and easy; The valves can be connected Lora MOSFET easily;
● Hardware& Software Open, to study Lora& FreeRTOS. The ESP32 display console/ Lora Soil Moisture Sensor/ Lora MOSFE are all programmed with Arduino. For programmers/engineers, can development further more specialized application.

Based on ESP32, with Wifi connection, the console can also access to internet, the create much more applications including the moisture data updating to internet for remote monitor, and remote control with MQTT.
Package List:
● ESP32 3.5 inch Display (without camera) x1;
● Lora Expansion for ESP32 Display x1;
● Lora Moisture Sensor x2;
● Lora 4 Channel MOSFET x1;
● 12V Power Supply x1;
● Water Pipe x 5M;
● 1-input & 4-output Pipe Joint x1;

● Guide: Soil Monitoring & Irrigation with Lora
● ESP32 Display Console Code
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