Mabee_MLX90640 IR Thermal Sensor

Mabee_MLX90640 IR Thermal Sensor

This thermal camera measures temperature and displays the thermal imaging figure. Mabee_MLX90640 IR Thermal Sensor is based on MLX90640, a 32x24 array thermal sensor (MLX90640), detects the temperature of objects from feet away with the accuracy of ±1.5℃.

The FOV(Field of View) of this camera is 55°x35°, and the temperature measurement range is -40℃~300℃. It communicates with the controller with the I2C interface. Please check our demos of usage with ESP32-S2 parallel TFT Touch:

DIY a thermal imaging monitor

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● IR Thermal Sensor Array 32X24(MLX90640)
● 55°x35° FOV(field of view)
● Temperature measurement range:-40℃~300℃
● I2C Grove interface
● Voltage: 3.3v
● Current Consumption: 18mA
● FOV: 55°x35°
● Temperature Resolution: ±1.5°C
● Interface: I2C(0x33)

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