Mabee Slide Potentiometer

Mabee Slide Potentiometer

Do you still remember your physics class in junior middle school, about the potentiometer? The slide potentiometer could be the most basic impression for a "potentiometer".

This Mabee Slide Potentiometer is a linear variable resistor with a total resistance of 10k. When the lever moved from one side to the other, its output voltage ranges between 0 V to the VCC you applied. And also one LED on board for free usage.

Makerfabs Mabee series are modules with unified connectors, both sensors, and actuators, for users to use them conveniently by plug& play, without any soldering or detailed checking of the sensor itself. Makerfabs provide basic usage demos, for the starters to learn the usage and integrate to other projects quickly.

All Makerfabs Mabee are open, both hardware& software, and compatible with Seeed Groves.

Features& Specs:
● Slider length: 45 mm
● Total resistance: 10K
Parts List:
● Mabee_Slide Potentiometer
● Mabee Cable

Files& Usage:
● Github
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