MaPIE LoRa RP2040

MaPIE LoRa RP2040

MaPIE LoRa RP2040 is a new open source hardware by Makerfabs, it is based on Raspberry Pi PICO RP2040 controller, with integration of flash and Lora RFM98W, to make it a good platform for RP2040 development of Lora applications.

Compares to Maduino Lora, the most significant difference is the core controller RP2040, which is now cheap especially in the current IC shortage, while also RP2040 is much stronger, and compatible with Arduino and Micropython& Circuitpython. Besides, there is also an on-board SD card socket, for data storage, which makes it more convenient for applications.

Makerfabs all products, both hardware& firmware open, if you need any designs/modifications based on our current solutions, free to contact us.

● On board Flash: 16MB
● Controller: RP2040
● Power: USB Type-C; battery; On board charger
Package List:
● 1 x MaPIE LoRa RP2040

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● Hardware& Usage Demo(Arduino)
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