OCP-TAP Time Card

OCP-TAP Time Card

Very Note this product is professional tool that only for engineers specialized on PTP field. Please do not make order unless your get clear about its usage. Makerfabs is authorized to produce/sell this product by the designer, we made the PCBA/ program/test as the designer’s guide, but Makerfabs do not take any tech support.
We assume it you get this info all before your decision to make this order.

This is the OCP-TAP Time Card, with the full design files available at https://github.com/opencomputeproject/Time-Appliance-Project.

It comes pre-installed with the Alinx FPGA SOM, U-blox NEO-M9N RCB, and OCXO daughter card. All programming has been done and functionally tested before shipment.

For any issues or concerns, please make an issue on the Github listed above.

Time Master is a critical part of a PTP enabled network. It provides accurate time via GNSS while maintaining accuracy in case of GNSS failure via a high stability (and holdover) oscillator such as an atomic clock. Existing products in the market are often closed sourced and are far from having sufficient features. The Time Card project presents an open source solution via a PCIe card.

For support, please make an issue on the Open Compute Project Time-Appliance-Project github found at www.timecard.ch
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