Open SmartWatch, Based On ESP32

Open SmartWatch, Based On ESP32

The Open SmartWatch is an open source project created by "Paul's 3D Things". It consists of hardware modules, 3D printable cases, and a custom operating system to build smartwatches with the goal that they can be assembled, repaired, and modified by everyone.

Makerfabs is authorized to produce the latest version of Open- SmartWatch by the designer. This is the open Open- SmartWatch light edition pre-order, the shipping schedule is 10th of May, 2021.

It will include:
- Open- SmartWatch PCBA board
- 3D-printing Case
- Lipo Battery
- Standard Strap

There would be further GPS edition, keep an eye on Makerfabs Youtube or Twitter.

● EPS32-micro-D4: 2x240MHz, 320KB RAM
● Bluetooth 4.2 BR/EDR BLE
● WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
● GC9A01 240x240 16bit TFT display (round)
● BMA400 Accelerometer + Pedometer
● MCP73831 LiPo Charger

(***Please note that a standard strap will be used in the current version, but not 3D printed strap as the video, still in optimization of the design& manufacturability of the 3D printed strap***)

Useful Links
● First Steps with the PCB
● Assembling the Watch
● Project Page
● Community / Discord
● More Updates from the Developer: Paul's 3D Things
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