Open Wind Station GPRS/ MQTT

Open Wind Station GPRS/ MQTT

This Makerfabs Open Wind Station enables the users to monitor multiple weather specs remotely, with GPRS communication and Server such as MQTT.

The real-time weather or long-run weather data is important for movements such as surfing, or in Meteorological Research. This wind station measures the outdoor humidity/ temperature/ atmospheric pressure/ wind speed, (and any other meteorological data depends on expanded sensors), and transmits the results remotely to the server for recording/ analyzing, or to the phones for real-time checking.

Besides, this wind station also integrates some other important features, which make it a suitable platform for further applications.


● Micro controller ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
● PM2.5 monitoring with expanded PM2.5 sensor
● GPS for locating
● Grove connectors for customers’ expanded testing
● OLED display for real-time checking& debugging
● Onboard buzzer/ SD card slot
● High-power 1000 mAH battery for long-term usage
● Solar panel charging
● With Case(but not water-proof), could be re-made for water-proof with glues easily
● Arduino compatible/ Support MQTT

Besides, all related hardware/firmware/software are open for makers’ remixing.

Parts List:

● Wind Station Board x 1
● Battery x 1
● Case x1
● High Precise Anemometer x 1


● WiKi
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