Small PewPew Standalone for CircuitPython

PewPew Standalone is a portable hand-held game console programmed with CircuitPython, designed by Radomir Dopieralski, perfect for game programming and electronics workshops. When connected to a computer, it comes up as a USB disk with all the source files on it. You just edit them and when you save, the device restarts and runs the new code. There is also an interactive Python REPL available as a serial console, for displaying errors and trying out commands. 

The device also exposes seven GPIO pins that can be used for connecting electronics, such as neopixels, a speaker, sensors, etc. Since it's the same CircuitPython as used on Adafruit devices, most of their drivers will work out of the box.

It has been optimized to remove as many obstacles between you and learning to make games, as possible. It needs no additional software installed on your computer and it's compatible with all hardware that supports USB disks. It doesn't have a complex operating system and you can't possibly break it, other than physically damaging it or perhaps connecting it to mains voltage. Even damaging it is difficult, as it's very sturdy and the display is plastic, not glass.

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