How Makerfabs Source the Components for PCBA?

How Makerfabs Source the Components for PCBA?

June 18, 2019

How Makerfabs Source the Components for PCBA?

In Makerfabs, we deal with more than 100 PCBA projects every month, quantity arranges from 1 pcs prototyping, to several thousands. So, How will Makerfabs Source the Components for PCBA? 

In all the works we did for the PCBA, components preparing/sourcing is the Key procedure. There normally dozens, or even hundreds of different components in a project. So, how does Makerfabs prepare all the components?

1. Good communication with project manager and customer
In Makerfabs PCBA quotation, Makerfabs project managers will list all the components price and, if the components will be original brand as the parts list, or some other substitute items. Normally, we will quote the resistors/capacitors/some connectors with substitute items(Marked “N”), while the IC/inductors original brand(Marked “Y”). Customers can check the spec and price in detail.
Makerfabs PCBA Quotation with Component detail

2. Experienced components sourcing team
There Makerfabs sourcing team composed of 5 experienced sourcing engineers, all with more than 3 years’ experience, familiar with components specs, and especially, the components price, to make the project cost-effective with good management when source the components.
3. Components double checking system
All the components purchased from the vendor are double checked by Makerfabs internal engineers. For all the IC, detailed silkscreen are checked and compares to the datasheet, for capacitors/resistors, electronic bridges used to test them.
4. Reliable sourcing channels
Makerfabs has strict vendor managements for the components. For PCBA prototyping/small batch production, normally we will purchase them from famous retailers such as Mouser/Digikey. And for mass production, we will order them from official distributors.
Makerfabs PCBA Component Order Bill

5. Records
Every single components purchasing records are keep internal for further re-order, or problem tracking.

The above 5 points ensures Makerfabs source the components as the customer request, and also ensure the whole PCBA project quality.