Components Sourcing

Components Sourcing

Are you still annoyed and puzzled by the variety of electronic components? Have you ever been rejected by the components supplier because of the small quantity? Good news! Regardless of the quantity you want, you can purchase 10pcs to 10000pcs via Makerfabs service now.

Makerfabs provide components sourcing/ parts sourcing service for your projects, either for your PCBA projects that will be produced by Makerfabs, or you need some separated components that come to be a problem in your projects.

Based on the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen, Makerfabs have direct access to most manufacturers of electronic components in the world and to the world-famous electronic market of Asia. We can provide the most commonly used parts with a rather competitive price, especially for the connectors, capacitors, displays, etc. You will find for some of them, the price will be 1/2, or even 1/3 that of Digikey/Mouser.

Ranging from the resistance, capacitance, and inductance, diode and triode, rectifier bridge, IC to each type of connector, shell, wire/ cable, and button, we can help you to source all of them. The service's aim is to save your money and time so that you can fully engage your work but do not need to worry about the sourcing issues.

It does not matter if you need 10 or 10 000 parts - just send your part list to us, we will make a quotation for your checking.

How it works:
1. Verify that your BOM including part type, package, and quantity is clearly defined. A reference link or Digikey/mouser parts number would very helpful to avoid misunderstanding.
2. Send us your BOM as an Excel or CSV to
3. We will send you back the estimated price for every single part.
4. You confirming the price, and pay for them if our quotation is OK for you.
Makerfabs order the parts and quantities you want and either ship them to you or uses them for assembling your PCBAs.

1. For some commonly used components such as resistor/capacitor, we may source a substitute brand(Marked “N”) for you, which will lower the cost much and shorter the lead time. We ensure you they are the same spec you intended.
2. We will mark all the components if it is the original brand as you appointed or substitute band, for your checking.
3. For all the IC, we will use the original new brand(Marked “Y”) as you appointed.
Customers can check the spec and price in detail.

You can accept or reject every single part if you accept or reject its quote and send us the final sourcing job.

We give you the final price for the parts and the quantities you asked for. Then you need to go to the service page, purchase the service to make the total price equal to the final price we quote. For example, if the final price is $40, you need to buy 40 pieces of this service to your cart($1/unit).

After payment is cleared, we will source all parts in your BOM.


● Base price for starting is $20.
● The final price is depending on the actual price of the components and the base price.
● We will give a mark for parts which we can't find.
● You can set us a maximum budget and we will follow your budget to sourcing. When there are any problems, questions, or delays, we will contact you, so please keep in touch with us timely, otherwise, you will need to pay more extra time.

For any question, suggestion, price, or our other services, please feel free to contact

We guarantee to provide accurate and high-quality parts. If the components are wrong or any quality problem, please notify us within 45 days from the date of shipment. You agree to pay for the return shipping on exchanges and returns and we will reimburse this cost if the components really have a quality problem or we didn't according to your requirement so that buy the wrong components. No warranty will apply if this case was caused by your BOM which didn't define clearly, we will strictly according to your BOM or components list to sourcing.
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