PCBA Coating (Conformal Coating) Service

PCBA Coating (Conformal Coating) Service

What's PCBA conformal coating?

PCBA conformal coating is the process of applying a polymer film to safeguard the components in the printed circuit boards. On the surface of the printed circuit board will form a protective film. This protective film is usually only a thin layer (about 30-210 µm), which can be used to strengthen electronic products’ ability.

Why need conformal coating for my PCBA?

PCBA conformal coating designed to form protective chemical or polymer film barriers over finished electronics assemblies to protect them against extreme environments, electrical leakage, and exposure to moisture, dirt, salt, temperature fluctuation, fungus, dust, chemical pollution, and other environmental hazards and contaminants. It can also prevent the solder joints and conductors from coming into contact with the air and continue to corrode. It can shield and eliminate some electromagnetic interference, and can also play the role of insulation.

The conformal coating also uses to increase the wear and solvent-resistance of the component, as well as to release stresses caused by high and low-temperature changes.

With those advantages of conformal coating, it is often used in products that need to be exposed to extremely harsh environments, such as a multi-chemical environment, a highly polluted or dusty environment, and a high-humidity environment. Extremely high or low-temperature environment. In consumer electronics, it is commonly used to protect or insulate some motor products or electronic component devices, such as motors, generators, transformers, solenoid valve switches, etc.

Makerfabs PCBA Coating Solution:

Makerfabs provide conformal coating service for PCBA boards, from prototyping to mass production. There’re so much coating solutions and related material on the market, to make the whole store simple enough for makers/startups/hardware engineers, Makerfabs prepared 2 spray coating material, which is widely used on our previous projects:
1. The Sinware 7 Coating. This is a canned coating material, which needs to be used manually, normally used for prototyping& small batch production ;
2. The MG419D coating. Makerfabs use spraying machine for this.

Makerfabs prepared these 2 coating solutions all the time for customers. If you need your PCBA to coated, just tell us the solution you want, and Makerfabs will deal with them all.

Of course, if you need some other coating material or other special requirements, that is OK. Kindly let us know: service@makerfabs.com.
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