PCB Layout Design Service

PCB Layout Design Service

Makerfabs offers PCB layout design services for your hardware project, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Maduino, and related open source projects.

With more than 5 years of working experience on open source hardware products include the Arduino/ Raspberry Pi/ mbed/ Beagle bone, etc, Makerfabs R&D team has created many projects that have been produced and popularly sold on the market. Makerfabs team is glad to share our engineer experience with customers, to boost hardware startups creating projects quickly.

Besides, Makerfabs designed the Maduino IoT series, which are based on Arduino and wireless connections such as BLE/GPRS/GPS/BLE/LORA/WIFI, etc, to create a basic IoT node. We also help to modify current designs based on customer’s requests, to meet your special requirements.

Makerfabs can help your projects as follows:
1. Schematic Designing. Makerfabs can help with schematic designing as the customer provide detailed function requests, especially on IoT/ smart home/ wireless transmission, etc.
2. Components Selecting. Makerfabs has rich experience in the components sourcing, quality control, and cost control can help customers finding out the most appropriate components in the design, with the right spec and better price.
3. PCB Layout. Makerfabs helps customers on the PCB layout for 1~6 layers PCB, currently supports Eagle/ Altium Designer/ PADS.
4. PCBA DFM. Makerfabs give suggestions or help modify customer projects, to ensure the PCB design manufacture friendly and thus to reduce the production cost. (DFM = Design for Manufacturability, which starts with improving the manufacturability of parts, making parts and processes easy to manufacture, low manufacturing cost, high efficiency, and low cost.)

Send your request and related files to service@makerfabs.com, our engineers will check your requirements and estimate the project difficulty. And this service will be quoted by Makerfabs project manager. The quotation depends on our estimation of the work difficulty and lead time.

For PCBA customers, Makerfabs would be glad to supply free service, to help customers avoiding mistakes and create better cooperation in further business.

Below is how Makerfabs PCB ODM service works:

1. Requirement Confirmation

At the very first beginning, Makerfabs engineers need to know your specific requirement:your PCB size, what function do you want, do you have designated chip. We need the requirement as detail as possible. Then we can reach an agreement as soon as possible. If we don’t reach an agreement with your final demand, feel free to contact us anytime.

2. Quotation

After we confirm your requirements, we will evaluate your project, measure the design period, and calculate the cost. The quotation will include two parts, design work cost, and sample manufacturing cost. Note, if your following batch order amount reaches a certain value, we can refund the design cost. ( The "certain value" will vary from different projects, contact your project manager for right info.)

3. Schematic Diagram

A well-drawn schematic makes functions clear. After the data preparation and library creation process, Makerfabs engineer will complete the schematic carefully on the basis of the function, chips, peripheral circuit, chip package, pin, and the interaction between them.

4. PCB Layout

Our PCB layout specialist needs to spend much time with you to consult all aspects of the circuit, system design, mechanical and environmental requirements, bare board manufacturing requirements plus assembly and test requirements. We will consider it all to make sure that the design intent is delivered accurately.

5. PCB Manufacturing

Makerfabs is famous for our PCB manufacturing service. So, the following step would be very easy. We will go through these processes “bare PCB manufacturing→ components sourcing→ PCB assembly”. It takes 1 week to produce the PCB samples.

6. Programming and Testing

After we complete the samples, we will test the boards. If there is programmable IC on the boards, we will upload the program to test if the board goes well. If something goes wrong, Makerfabs will carry out performance analysis, error checking, and troubleshooting.

7. Packing and Shipping

After above all the works finished, the boards are ready to pack and ship. Makerfabs deliver globally. Regularly, the samples will be shipped by DHL. If you need other shipping methods, pls note to your project manager.
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