Premium PCB Service

Premium PCB Service

1. What is the mean by "Premium"?

The Premium PCB Service can meet more than 95% customer’s requirements, for some guys, especially makers/startups who have experience in hardware developing and electronics projects that need many special requirements, they will need more reliable & advanced PCB services, such as multiple layers more than 4, FPC (for example: FPC With stiffener, Rigid-Flex PCB, Multilayer FPC), Immersion silver(AG) finished, Flash gold/gold finger, Epoxy Via Plug, BGA or pad less than 0.3mm, a width of wire less than 4 mils, drill holes less than 0.3mm, insulated Metal Substrate, HDI, High-frequency Rogers, Castellation Plating, etc... That’s why Makerfabs provides this "Premium PCB Service".

2. What’s the main upgrade compared to the common PCB services?

This “Premium PCB” service is based on “One-by-One Quotation”, so we will be able to meet your personal requirements. Compared to the common PCB service, the main upgrade is:
• Support More Kinds Of PCB: FPC/ Rigid-flex PCB is available now at Makerfabs;
• More Professional PCB Specifications: PCB Multilayers 1~28; Blind holes; Copper thickness up to 3oz; Thinner/Thicker PCB thickness 0.2mm~6mm;
• More Reliable Quality: Sharper silkscreen; 100% E-test + 100% visual check; More color for PCB(Include Matte Black, Matte green and purple); Minimum PCB track/ Space up to 3 mils;

For FR-4 PCB, please refer to the below detail specs& comparison with common PCB service:
  Common PCB Service Premium PCB Service
Multi Layers 1-2-4 Layers 1-28 Layers
PCB Material FR-4 FR-4
Available Color Red, Green, Blue,
Yellow, Black, White 
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow,
Black, White, 
Silk Screen Readable Sharp
Quality Check 100% E-test 100% E-test + 100% visual check
Maximum Size Min size:2*2cm,
Max size:35*35cm
Min size: 2*2cm
PCB Order Qty Min qty: 5pcs Min qty: 1pcs
Board Thickness 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm 0.2 - 6.0mm
Copper Thickness 0.5oz - 17um(inner copper)
1oz - 35um(Out layer copper)
1oz, 2oz, 3oz
Minimum PCB
6mil(Recommend >8mil) 3mil
Blind Hole No support Min dia: 0.1mm
Drilling Hole
0.3mm-6.35mm Min dia: 0.2mm
Surface Finish HASL, HASL(Lead-Free), ENIG HASL, HASL(Lead-Free), ENIG

For FPC& Rigid-Flex PCB, please refer to the below detail specification:
Layers 1-6 Layers
Material Polymide, PEEK, FR-4
Board Dimension(max) 250mm*250mm
Copper thickness 1/3oz, 1/2oz, 1oz
Finished Board Thickness 0.1mm-0.3mm
Min hold diameter 0.2mm(CNC)(8mil)
Hole wall copper thickness 10-35um
Hole diameter tolerance ±0.075mm
Min hold to hole space 0.5mm
Min trace width and space 1/3oz 2.0mil/2.0mil
1/2oz 2.5mil/2.5mil
1oz 3.0mil/3.0mil
2oz 4.0mil/4.0mil
Trace tolerance ±20%
Min Annumlar ring 0.2mm
Min center distance in contiguous finger 0.1mm
Solder resistance clearance/coverage 0.15mm/0.1mm
Solder resistance thickness 10um
Silkscreen text height 0.8mm
Silkscreen line width 0.15mm
Basic material(PI) thickness 0.025mm-0.125mm
Selective finis ENIG Ni:1-6um
Gold: 0.03-0.10um
OSP OSP film:0.2-0.7um
Profiling Punching Routing V-cut Tolerance:±0.13mm
Reinforce Material PI FP-4 Steel
3M adhesive PET
Design space Min hole to hole 0.50mm
Min copper to outline 0.20mm
Min silkscreen to solder
mask opening

3. How to begin my “Premium PCB” Service at Makerfabs?

1. Download the Premium PCB Specifications and input your PCB demands, if you do not know how to selector for some of the parameters, just leave it as it is.
2. Sent this file and your Gerber files to For the Gerber files, pls send PCB Gerber files(RS-274X).
3. Makerfabs will quote it for you in 1~3 working days. If you think the quotation is OK, after your payment, we will make your PCB into production. The fabrication time will be 3~12 days (excluding the Chinese festival).

4. Check this video to know how's the FPC assembly process in our factory:

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