Soldering the ESPWatch with Stencil

Soldering the ESPWatch with Stencil

June 20, 2019

Makerfabs ESPwatch has gained a lot of appreciation in the past few days, this is a learning tool with step-by-step guides for the learners, for the soldering/Arduino coding/IOT setting and even the mechanic installation, it shows the internet time and weather forecasting, and finally a cool watch to show it at your party.

But we heard some feedback that the soldering with iron is really difficult for the new starters, and sometimes got them crazy…
(Check 5 Common Problems In PCBA Manual Soldering if you got problems in hand solderingsmiley

So we updated the kit, with Stencils and soldering paste in the packages.

These 2 items would help a lot of the SMD components soldering, users can also learn how a board is really soldered in PCBA production. Have a try with Makerfabs ESPwatch!

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