DIY ESP Smartwatch Kit

This DIY ESP Smartwatch Kit is for the beginners to learn how to create an ESP watch with a detailed guide, it is for the starters to dive into the electronic world, with 1~2 hours’ learning, a non-electronic starter can create this ESP watch, to enjoy the joy of creating something by oneself.

The ESPWatch is based on the ESP12 WIFI module, it gets the date/ time and the weather forecasting in few days from an Internet server, and can also remote control the local instruments, such as Relay/ LED/ Fan. With this learning, you will learn the basic skill of components soldering/Arduino Programming/WIFI usage/ Basic HTTP protocol, the first& easy step to get into the electronic/ programming world.

There we also prepared simple case/ watchband, so that you can get it works on your wrist within a few minutes. 
Noted: This is a DIY kit, you will need to soldering by yourself.


●  Kits with detailed guide for learners
●  Video for learning
●  Based on Arduino IDE/ESP
●  Real time watch + weather forecasting + Remote control 
●  Open hardware+ Open software
●  For ages 12+
Package List:
●  1 x DIY ESP-Smartwatch components Kit
●  1 x Mechanic case
●  1 x Watchband

●  Wiki
●  Usage Manual
●  Instructables
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