WIFI BLE GPRS GPS 4 in 1 Kit Based on ESP32 and A9G

This WIFI BLE GPRS GPS 4 in 1 Kit is an IoT solution for applications that need Wifi/GPRS/GPS/BLE connections. The MakePython ESP32 is designed by Makerfabs, a powerful, generic Wifi+ BLE MCU module, which would be programmed by Arduino/ LUA, or MicroPython; and the MakePython A9G Shield has build-in GPRS/GPS function, SD card/SIM card socket.

This IoT solution could be help/ready-to-use for applications that need the WiFi/GPPS/GPS/BLE solutions. A typical IoT application such as gas leakage monitoring/alarming, that it monitors the gas concentration and report to the server for records, and alarm the security when Emergency happens. And of course, also practical for other industry usages such as boiler monitoring/alarming, with different sensors.
This solution is open to further development, it is just a tool kit for engineers to skip the hardware design and prototype the application quickly. All the related hardware design open source for further re-design or modification, please make sure you have the ability to handle/use it. Makerfabs will only ensure the hardware OK, but do not provide firmware/usage support.
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