4-Channel Lora Relay 10A Module

This 4-Channel Lora relay Module is an IoT solution, it helps to extend the Lora networks to control actuators/ lights/ motors, to create automatic applications such as farming, aquaculture, and pasture.

There 4 channels of the relay on the board, with max current 10A@277V AC. The main controller Atmega328P is Arduino Uno bootloader pre-loaded, allows the users to program it with Arduino IDE directly. There also the Lora Relay 30A for higher power applications. You can choose from 433M, 868M, 915M Lora ISM band based on your need.


● ATMEL Atmega328P: High Performance, Low Power Atmel®AVR® 8-Bit
● Microcontroller
● Speed Grade: 20Mhz
● Flash: 32Kbytes
● RAM: 2KBytes
● EEPROM: 1Kbytes
● Relay Type: General Purpose
● Rated Current of Relay Contact: 10A
● Coil Type of Relay: Non Latching
● Coil Voltage of Relay: 5V
● Switching Voltage of Relay: (277VAC, 28VDC) Max
● Lora Distance: >2 km
● DC 5V ~ 12V

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