Lora Relay 30A Module

This Lora Relay 30A Module is a relay module that could be controlled by Lora, with max current 30A/240V. Based on RFM98W, it supports max 4~5 km Lora communication.

This Lora relay 30A module is preloaded Arduino Pro Mini(3.3v 8M) bootloader and simple demo firmware Lora Relay V1.1, the users could freely change/update the firmware with Arduino IDE, with a common UART tool (Note that if there no DTR in your UART tool, you will need to press reset button to reset the controller Mega328P manually).
● Controller: Atmega328P
● Arduino bootloader: Pro mini(3.3V/8M)
● Lora frequency: 433M/ 868M/ 915M
● Current: 30A@240VAC
● Input Voltage: 12V
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