Arduino Nano and NodeMCU Arduino IOT Starter Kit

This Arduino Nano + NodeMCU Arduino IOT Starter Kit is for electronic starters/beginners. The kit includes two main Boards: Arduino Nano and NodeMCU mini, and 18 Kinds of the most popular used sensors and actuators such as Ultrasonic Ranger, OLED, stepper driver, etc.  A breadboard and some jumper wires are also included to make this kit appropriate for starters using the kit by plug-and-play.  With this kit, you can easily create your own IoT project by using any programming tools such as Arduino IDE, Visuino, Lua, or RAD Studio.
This kit is an official kit for IoT Boot Camp 2017 that is powered by RAD Studio (Delphi or C++Builder)+ RAD ServerVisuino.
Arduino Nano and NodeMCU IOT Kit

Thanks for the help of guys from IoT Boot Camp, wish your everybody have a good time in this campaign.
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