ATmega32 Tetris DIY Open Kit

A Simple Tetris DIY Open Kit, based on Atmega32.

This kit includes all the necessary parts for a DIY Tetris, intended for kids to learn to solder with an iron. After the soldering and installing of the programmed IC, kids could begin the Tetris, to enjoy the fun of DIY. Besides, all the hardware/ codes open for anyone's reference/discussion.
Average soldering time is about 1.5 hours, for 12 years old children.
*This kit is produced with the designer’s authorization.
● Programmed Atmega32 x1;
● Green LED x200;
● Button x5;
● Flex cable x1;
● L7805 x1;
● Display Board with SMD IC on x1;
● Switch PCB x1.

● Display board hardware in Eagle
● Schematic in PDF
● Codes in C
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