ESP32 Mobile WIFI Camera

ESP32 Mobile WIFI Camera

Makerfabs ESP32 Mobile WIFI Camera based on the ESP32 BLE/WIFI module and the ESP32 Wifi camera module, and the 2WD mobile platform, it can be used for remote monitoring, while the users can control the car remotely and also adjust the camera.

The ESP32 mobile WIFI Camera can be easily used as a customer getting them with few minutes, There we prepared 2 control methods for ESP32 Mobile WIFI Camera:

● BLE controlling, with an Android app;
● Web controlling, with WIFI& MQTT

ESP32 Mobile WIFI CameraESP32 Mobile WIFI Camera-05

All hardware& software for ESP32 Mobile WIFI camera are open-source for Makers & Learns, and detailed step-by-step guide& explanation for the hardware& software provided, for the Makers& Learner to study, and thus to create endless better applications.
Package List:
● ESP32 development board
● ESP32 Mobile WIFI Camera Base board(with Motor Driver)
● 2WD Mobile Platform with Universal Wheel
● Motors x 2

● Youtube
● Wiki for Technical
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