Micro Bit Starter Kit

Micro bit Starter Kit is designed for people who are at the doorstep of learning the electric circuit and programming knowledge. The kit has provided some basic electronic components like LED, button, buzzer, temperature sensor, steering engine, and motor, etc. You can not only learn basic knowledge of these elements but also use it to design circuits. With the help of Micro: bit programming technique, your circuit becomes more animated. Micro: bit Starter kit can help you enter a wonderful electronic world.
Package List:
● 1 x Micro Bit Breakout
1 x Breadboard- 8.3x5.5cm
1 x Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack (60 pcs)
1 x HC-SR505 PIR Motion Sensor
1 x Sound Sensor Horizontal Version
1 x Linear Potentiometer Module
● 2 x TMP36 Temperature Sensor
1 x 9G servo
1 x DC motor with Fan
1 x 2AA battery case
● 1 x DC motor with Fan
5 x LED 5MM(blue/red/yellow/green)
5 x Button THT
1 x Micro USB cable
2 x RGB LED 8mm
● 2 x Color Button
2 x Photocell
2 x SPDT
2 x Buzzer
2 x Self-lock switch
2 x Trimpot 10K
● 3 x Clip wire
10 x Resistor 10K
● 10 x Resistor 4.7k
10 x Resistor 100 ohm
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